About the Firm

Corinna Steele, Attorney at Law provides legal counseling in the areas of criminal and juvenile defense; lawsuits involving Children’s Protective Services; wills and probate matters; and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Mission Statement

The focus of the practice is to serve the community in a manner mutually beneficial to clients while providing income for the firm. People who consult with the firm are confronted with some of the worst moments of their lives; they or someone they love are charged with a criminal or juvenile offense; they are confronting the potential loss of their children through a Child Protective Services lawsuit.; they need to plan for the event of their own death or they have experienced the loss of a loved one and they need to settle the estate; or they are facing insurmountable debt and they need some type of relief.  These people need someone to help them navigate the legal system; as well as someone who can, with empathy, enable them to process the many choices which impact their future. While it is very important to find someone competent to represent a client in whatever their legal situation is, it is also important to find someone who cares not only about the outcome but who is invested in the client.

The firm’s services are focused in the following specific directions:


Criminal Defendants:

The firm’s goal is to help people make the right choices during a difficult and often frightening time.  While there are consequences to illegal behaviors,  the punishment should not be so severe as to ruin the rest of someone’s life.  The firm strives to assert any defenses available to the defendant and when necessary, negotiate an agreement with the state that fits the criminal charge.


Juvenile Respondents:

Juveniles should be helped to make better choices in their lives than what has brought them to a particular case in court.  Often, although they have supportive parents, they do not respond to the structure provided.  In addition to defending the child in the lawsuit against them, it is also important to find programs or services including counseling that will help the juvenile in completing their maturing process.


CPS Cases:

Because they face the potential loss of their children, it is extremely important to help parents make better choices in the care of their children.  While the stated goal of CPS is to reunite families, it is sometimes forgotten during the life of a CPS case.  The firm strives to remind the parents, and CPS itself, that families more often than not, should be reunified  whenever possible, instead of severed.



Important events such as births, adoptions, deaths, marriages and divorce necessitate the drafting and execution of current wills.  Along with a current will, it is important to maintain a power of attorney for health care decisions and a directive to physician to assure that an individual will obtain what they want concerning the disposition of their estate, or the care of their person should they become incapacitated.

With the death of a loved one, it is imperative to assure the transfer and disposition of the decedent’s property is according to their wishes.   Filing for and qualifying letters testamentary is an important part of this process.


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

Chapter 7 is federal relief granted to individuals who are unable to satisfy their creditors.   It is a financial reboot where certain debts are discharged and the individual is able to start again free of most consumer debt.    The bankruptcy code was changed to provide for a qualification process where consideration is given to the amount of income.  

An individual’s eligibility to file under Chapter 7 is evaluated and if eligible, a petition is filed, creditors are notified and a discharge is sought.   Facing an overwhelming amount of debt and receiving collection calls is a stress filled time which leads to feelings of depression and worthlessness.   Making the decision to ask for financial relief through bankruptcy is very difficult, but it can lead to long term relief financially and emotionally.


Reasonable fees:

Although providing representation is the business that generates income for the firm, it should not be at so high a cost that the average person cannot afford to obtain counsel.  The firm strives to provide quality legal representation at a reasonable fee.   A policy of payment agreements is in place to try to assist those who need it to afford the attorney’s fee.